Custom Designs

Whether you want to elevate your style or transform your Ideas into reality, our custom embroidery service is for you!

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Please allow us 1-2 days to review your submission, we will contact you to discuss the design and provide you with a price.

Check out our FAQ on customs below.

FAQ for Customs Orders

What is your design process like & how long does it take?

Once you have submitted your form via our 'Customs' page your design it will go under review. Please allow us 1-3 business days to do so. We will reach out to you with comments if we can produce the design, or provide alterations on the design for it to embroider nicely. If you have a design that needs to be created from scratch this will take us up to 1 week. We will provide you with the price, and once you have made the payment we will begin designing/digitising. This process is the longest and can take 1-2 weeks depending on how big and complex the design is. When we are happy with the way it looks we will do an embroider test on it. We will send you the photo of it to make sure you're happy with the size, look and colours used. This timeframe can take another 2-4 days. Once we have received the thumbs up from you we will start on the final design. After this, we will prep and pack your order ready to ship which can take an additional 1-2 days.

Please be patient with us while we try our best to get the custom done for you as soon as possible, we don't want to compromise the quality of the design.

How much do customs cost?

For shirts the price will start at $50+AUD while sweaters/hoodies prices will start at $100+AUD. If you have read the process you know now that it takes us some time to get your design right. Keeping in mind also that we are a small business, all our designs are made to order.

What types of designs can be embroidered?

Embroidering is different from screen printing. Embroidery can not pick up intricate details, and can not replicate designs that have shading or textures in them. If your design has details and doesn't have the following elements we recommend it to be created on a large scale so that the details can be embroidered. If the design is small the thread will blend with one another and cause 'puckering', which is when the material shrinks in itself given the pressure of the stitches and may result in holes in the garment.

What if I don't have a design but I have an idea?

If you have a design that needs to be created from scratch we can create that for you, please note that an additional cost will incur for this.

What happens if I have created my own design?

That is great if you have created your own design and kept in mind our limitations above. Please upload it to the order form in a PNG format. Please make sure it's in hi res.

Is there a limit to how big customs can be?

We have 4 hoop sizes that go under the shirt/sweater/hoodie to hold it in place when we embroider. The largest hoop size we have is 28cm long and 18cm high. Designs bigger than our hoop can not be done. Note that big designs on a shirt will be uncomfortable to wear due to the rough underside.

Do you do sleeves/back designs?

We can do the Cuff sleeve in the area above the cuff. As the area is small the design must be simple.

For Back designs we can do small to medium size designs, please note this in your submission and describe the placement of it.

Can you add a Nike logo to my design?

We no longer offer designs that include other brands such as Nike ticks.

All other questions

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at